10 Delicious Snacks for Loved Ones in Senior Care

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10 healthy snacks for adults in senior care

Older loved ones in senior care need consideration of their nutritional care, too. It’s vital for them to consume whole foods, including vegetables and fruits, combined with servings of high-quality proteins, nuts and seeds, and legumes. Lunchmeats, red meat, and sugary or processed foods should be eliminated except on occasions. It’s important to absorb vitamins and minerals from healthy foods so senior strength is maintained and illnesses are prevented.

Many elderly adults already have long-term or chronic illnesses. Older people in senior care often have high blood pressure issues, type 2 diabetes, cardiac problems, and even cancers. Lack of activity and other lifestyle choices can be connected to chronic illnesses, so they must be provided with healthy options.

Adults in senior care do best when given the choice to have delicious heathy snacks in between their meals. This staves off overeating and stabilizes blood sugar, boosting energy levels. Encourage older loved ones to reduce or eliminate high-sodium, fatty and sugary foods.

Here are ten examples of easy-to-prepare healthy snacks for older adults in senior care:

  1. Mini pita bread with hummus
  2. Low-salt crackers with cheese
  3. Bagel spread with mashed avocado
  4. Greek yogurt (less sugar) with slices of fruit
  5. Roasted almonds or other heart-healthy nuts
  6. Kale chips
  7. Slices of turkey breast
  8. Cottage cheese sprinkled with flax seed and cinnamon
  9. Edamame seasoned with sesame oil
  10. Unsweetened almond milk (read label carefully)

We all need to be mindful about eating for good health, but adults in senior care often need to be encouraged or reminded. Hydration is good for their hearts and brains, but they may need to be gently reminded daily. They’ll feel better throughout the day, too if they consume enough fluids. Fruits and vegetables can help, but senior care patients still need additional water each day. Encourage drinking infused water with tasty cucumber or citrus slices.

Older adults in senior care have some special nutritional requirements. Don’t wait. Call Home Care Assistance today and for assistance to make sure your loved ones are receiving adequate senior care.


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