Active Seniors Lead Healthier Lives

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Stay Busy, Stay Happy. Research shows that the happiest people avoid idleness. Seniors who are inactive tend to have more accidents and are prone to depression.  There are many ways for older adults to keep active both physically and mentally.

Physical Exercise

Many adults don’t exercise as they get older. Having a regular exercise program not only helps you physically but also can boost your mental health by improving your confidence and outlook on life.

There are many low impact exercise options to keep seniors active well into their later years. It is important to keep our bodies healthy and strong even as we grow older. Common examples are walking, swimming, cycling, dancing or even walking up stairs.

Getting Started

  • Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.
  • Start  slowly and build intensity over time. Don’t over do it.
  • Find something that you like to do and will stick with.
  • Add variety and make it fun (walking, joining a class at the gym or revisiting an activity you used to enjoy like swimming or biking can keep you motivated)
  • Monitor your progress and be aware of your body. Exercise should not hurt or make you feel badly. Stop exercising and consult a doctor if you are short of breath, feel dizzy or show any signs of swelling or redness around the joints.

A good physical exercise program can improve your sleep, boost your self -confidence and also help with balance and flexibility. A good mental exercise program can help maintain memory function and concentration.

Mental Exercise

There are no excuses to avoid participating in mental exercises. Mental exercise is the act of performing an intellectual task. This can include doing a puzzle, reading, playing games or cards. Seniors benefit by keeping their minds sharp and can sometimes delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Easy To Do Cognitive Exercises

  • Word of the Day – learn a new word and its meaning
  • Play a game such as Bingo or Concentration
  • Do a puzzle
  • Start a decade journal and write down what you remember during that time frame
  • Read a book and have a discussion about it
  • Research a new subject at the library or on the internet


Whatever you do to keep your body and mind sharp, it is never too late to try a new physical exercise or engage in a stimulating mental activity. Challenge yourself to stay physically and mentally strong and the benefits will be a more healthy and entertaining lifestyle.

An in-home caregiver can be an asset in maintaining a physical or mental exercise program by providing motivation, transportation and companionship during activities. For more information on the ways to live a full life regardless of mental or physical limitations, visit our website and learn about our Balanced Care Method to Homecare.

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