Learn About Your Quality Senior Care Options in Roanoke, TX

Welcome home to Roanoke, TX, the Unique Dining Capital of Texas!

Roanoke is just outside of both Fort Worth and Dallas and has its own colorful past and a charming downtown district. This is a great city for history buffs, “foodies,” and those who just want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of a simpler time.

Here at Home Care Assistance, we strive to help enhance your senior’s life in Roanoke, TX. We firmly believe in providing both quality and customized senior care services that allow them to age in peace in the comfort of their own home! Our goal is to help seniors achieve happiness and healthiness through our specialty care options.

Not only do we offer your typical senior care services, but we also are proud to provide individualized senior care plans that are completely constructed on your loved one’s health, wellness, and medical needs. We can provide such services on an hourly basis based on your senior’s schedule, or we can provide care 24/7 for those with more advanced needs.

Once we determine the proper senior care plan, we take great care in matching your senior with one of our caregivers. All our caregivers are highly trained and compassionate. Each has undergone a thorough background check complete with references and a psychological exam.

We really go the extra mile to match your senior with the right caregiver – it’s even based on personality compatibility! Furthermore, all of our caregivers are bonded and insured.

Below are several specialized services we offer at Home Care Assistance in Roanoke, TX:

Alzheimer’s Care: This is special support designed to help seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common type of dementia, to improve their lives.

Stroke Care: Stroke care is care focused on nursing your loved on back to health as much as possible after they have suffered from a stroke.

Parkinson’s Care: Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease, which is debilitating, face many challenges. Our care helps them overcome these challenges to the best of their ability.

Hospice Care: Our hospice care services are meant for seniors who wish to enjoy the rest of their time in the comfort of their own home. This care helps to give them the comfort and support they need during this time.

Post Hospital Care: After returning home from a hospital stay, these services are a great choice to help your senior recover quickly and fully.

If you are considering in-home senior care for a loved one, contact Home Care Assistance Fort Worth to review your care options in Roanoke, TX