Senior Care from Home Care Assistance in Westlake, TX

One of our focuses here at Home Care Assistance is helping our seniors to thrive while aging peacefully in the comfort of their own homes. This means seniors get to continue living their preferred lifestyles thanks to our specialized senior care options! You’ll rest assured knowing your senior is staying safe in their homes and getting the world-class treatment they deserve.

Our Caregivers

Each of Home Care Assistance’s caregivers are well trained, skilled, and compassionate – They’re not just your average caregiver! Ours undergo complete and thorough background checks, reference checks, psychological exams, and personality matches. These tests help us determine a caregiver who is right for your senior and who is fit to provide the proper care necessary for our seniors. Our caregivers have helped thousands of seniors maintain their health while living independently!

Our Services

We offer your typical senior care services, like running errands, housekeeping, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and assistance with hygiene. But we also offer much more advances and specialized services for seniors who need just a little bit more. This includes care options for Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, care after a stroke or hospital stay, and hospice services that provide comfort and support. All of our programs and services can be offered on a flexible, hourly basis, or 24-7 depending on your senior’s schedule and needs.

We know how important it is to provide both quality and professional senior care services, and that’s why we’re confident in what we do at Home Care Assistance. By improving seniors’ lives, we help their families as well. Caring for a senior can often be overwhelming, so we make sure we keep YOU and your family in mind too, and that makes our work so rewarding.

We are thrilled to say that our clients are not just our clients – They’re our family at Home Care Assistance. We uphold our reputation as knowledgeable, honest, and reliable by putting so much care into developing our specific programs for our seniors. This what sets us apart from the others.

Call Home Care Assistance today to schedule your consultation and discuss your senior’s specific needs!