Early Signs a Senior May Have Dementia in Fort Worth, TX

5 Early Indications a Senior May Have Dementia

A number of warning signs can indicate a senior is developing dementia, but for adult children living apart from their parents, these signs can be challenging to identify. The following common but sometimes subtle signs help you recognize when your aging loved one needs assistance. 1. Memory Loss People with…

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How to Help Your Senior Parent Get Used to Around-the-Clock Care in Fort Worth, TX

Tips for Helping Your Senior Parent Get Used to Around-the-Clock Care

Certain health conditions can make it unsafe for seniors to age in place independently, and sometimes they need 24-hour supervision so they can remain as safe and healthy as possible. Because many families don’t have the time, resources, and expertise to provide the care their elderly loved ones need in…

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Strategies for Better Communication with Your Senior Loved One

When taking care of an elderly loved one, communication is key, and it’s important to have a strategy to establish how effective communication will take place between you and your loved one. Rather than going into the situation unprepared, knowing the best ways to communicate with your parent will be instrumental in ensuring his or her care needs are met and he or she is able to enjoy the highest level of comfort and quality of life. Develop an Individual Strategy If you’re going to be acting as the primary caregiver for your loved one, you have to create a communication strategy based on your experiences with him or her. For instance, if you know your parent is very independent,…

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What Thyroid Diseases Are Most Common Among Seniors in Fort Worth, TX

Which Thyroid Issues Occur Most Often in Aging Adults?

Although the thyroid is a relatively small gland located in the front of the throat, it produces important hormones that regulate metabolism and control body temperature. If something causes the thyroid to produce too many hormones, which is a condition called hyperthyroidism, then a person can lose weight, sweat excessively,…

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Common Emotions Long-Distance Caregivers Experience in Fort Worth, TX

5 Emotions that Often Affect Long-Distance Family Caregivers

Being a long-distance caregiver can be an overwhelming experience. Providing practical help and support from miles away can be difficult, especially if your senior loved one is living with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or another serious condition. Long-distance caregiving can elicit a variety of different feelings. Here are five common emotions experienced…

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How to Make Home a Safer Place for Older Adults with Alzheimer in Fort Worth, TX

How to Make Home a Safer Place for an Older Adult with Alzheimer’s

If you’re taking care of a senior loved one who has Alzheimer’s, you need to make sure the environment is safe. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, and while your loved one may be able to make his or her needs known, his or her reasoning skills may be…

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Caregiver Strategies for Interacting with Healthcare Professionals in Fort Worth, TX

Caregiver Strategies for Interacting with Healthcare Professionals

As a caregiver, you’ll often spend a lot of time interacting with the healthcare professionals in your senior loved one’s life. Enhancing communication with healthcare experts can help you ensure your loved one’s needs are met.  Take Notes No matter how well you think you can listen, you may find…

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Tips to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Parent’s Caregiver in Fort Worth, TX

5 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Parent’s Caregiver

Your aging parent’s caregiver is a professional, but the caregiver can also become an integral part of your family. Home caregivers enjoy getting to know the aging adults they care for each day. They also know building strong relationships with family members helps seniors get the most from their care….

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Motivation for Elderly to Quit Smoking in Fort Worth, TX

6 Incentives for Elderly Smokers to Quit

It’s never too late to quit smoking. Even seniors can obtain health benefits from smoking cessation. Here are six reasons your senior loved one needs to quit smoking to enjoy better health. 1. Reduce the Risk for Heart Attack Smoking is one of the most significant risk factors for cardiovascular…

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Ways to Help My Aging Parent Gain Weight in Fort Worth, TX

How Can I Help My Elderly Parent Gain Weight?

Seniors who are underweight may be at risk for weakness, infections, and fatigue. If your aging loved one is unable to gain weight, you need to find out why so you can intervene. Here are some ways you can help your loved one gain weight. Encourage Exercise Many older adults…

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