How to Make Home a Safer Place for Older Adults with Alzheimer in Fort Worth, TX

How to Make Home a Safer Place for an Older Adult with Alzheimer’s

If you’re taking care of a senior loved one who has Alzheimer’s, you need to make sure the environment is safe. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, and while your loved one may be able to make his or her needs known, his or her reasoning skills may be…

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5 Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

Recognizing 5 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Have you worried about your own brain health when you’ve misplaced your car keys? It’s normal. Don’t worry. Have you ever been introduced to someone at an event and immediately forgotten the person’s name? Normal, also. These are memory lapses that people with normal brain health deal with occasionally. However,…

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How Familiarity Comfort Seniors with Alzheimer's in Fort Worth TX

How Familiar Surroundings Comfort Aging Adults with Alzheimer’s

Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be difficult for seniors, but remaining at home may slow the disease’s progression. Many seniors are able to live at home alone in the early stages of the disease. The familiar surroundings of home make seniors feel safe, comfortable, and more independent. Take a look…

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Ways Alzheimer’s Disease Affects an Aging Adult’s Vision in Forth Worth, TX

How Alzheimer’s Disease Affects Vision

Many people are not aware of the visual perception changes that occur in seniors with Alzheimer’s. By understanding the visual deficits a senior with Alzheimer’s experiences, family members and caregivers can adapt the physical environment to ensure a higher degree of independence while maintaining their safety.  Abnormal Depth Perception It…

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