New Year Events for Elders in Forth Worth, TX

Fun New Year’s Eve Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Fort Worth dementia caregivers can enjoy spending time on New Year’s Eve with their senior loved ones by engaging in a few festive activities. Below are some creative ideas for the day so that even if the senior can’t stay up until midnight, he or she will still have enjoyed…

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Commonly Prescribed Dementia Medications in Fort Worth, TX

What Dementia Medications Are Most Commonly Prescribed?

When dementia and Alzheimer’s caregivers in Fort Worth care for seniors with cognitive diseases, it helps to know what medications their loved ones need. Below is a list of commonly prescribed medications for seniors with dementia. Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors Acetylcholinesterase is a complex enzyme that breaks down a neurotransmitter that is…

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