in home care dieting tips

Senior Health: Is the Keto Diet Safe for Seniors?

The keto diet – this is the latest fad diet you’ve been hearing all about! Folks have been cutting out carbs and sugar from their diets left and right, while many have been successful in losing both a little and a lot of weight. You may even be considering it…

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10 healthy snacks for adults in senior care

10 Delicious Snacks for Loved Ones in Senior Care

Older loved ones in senior care need consideration of their nutritional care, too. It’s vital for them to consume whole foods, including vegetables and fruits, combined with servings of high-quality proteins, nuts and seeds, and legumes. Lunchmeats, red meat, and sugary or processed foods should be eliminated except on occasions….

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7 Superfoods That Promote a Longer Life in Fort Worth, TX

7 Foods That Increase Longevity

Every health-conscious senior should try to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. If they want to extend their life span, seniors should make sure to include some longevity-extending foods into their diet. Here are seven foods that may help people live longer lives.  1. Berries Berries are packed…

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Thanksgiving Dishes That the Elderly Recovering from a Stroke or Heart Attack Can Enjoy in Forth Worth, TX

Thanksgiving Foods for Seniors Recovering from Stroke or Heart Attack

Fort Worth stroke caregivers might struggle to prepare heart-healthy meals for seniors this Thanksgiving. To help your loved one recover safely from heart attack or stroke without compromising the holiday meal, here are some of the best foods to put on the menu this Thanksgiving.  Root Vegetable Soup This is…

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