long-distance senior care

Going the Distance: How to Care for a Senior Parent Who Lives Far Away

Need some help getting the logistics of long-distance senior care in order? Home Care Assistance is here to help you! We understand the challenge of caring for your senior parents who live far away from you, and the obstacles you have to get through. That’s why we have outlined some…

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Connecting Generations: How Young People are Helping Older Adults Stay Social

It takes almost no time for younger generations like iGen, Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X to learn the ins and outs of the latest technology. But for senior citizens, it is often a struggle to keep up with advancements. That’s where the younger generations come to the rescue! Those…

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senior care for moms in fort worth, TX

Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms in Senior Care

Spring is in full bloom in Forth Worth, TX, as the month of May always promises. But May is great for not just better weather and spring flowers… Mother’s Day is right around the corner, too! Do you have a mom in senior care? If so, you may be wondering…

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Millennials and Senior Care: When Grandkids Become the Primary Caregiver

If you have ever thought about the word “caregiver,” it’s safe to assume that you probably don’t associate it with the Millennial generation. But you may find it surprising that Millennials are stepping into roles as “primary” caregivers and are a fast-growing group! Their parents, as a result, are becoming…

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Signs of Senior Depression

Recognizing Signs of Depression in Your Loved One

Depression is a common issue, particularly among seniors and the elderly. Senior depression often will even go unnoticed for long periods of time, due to a reluctance of discussing feelings of sadness and assuming that sadness comes with aging. There are several common causes and symptoms of senior depression, all…

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In-Home Senior Care in Fort Worth, TX

How to Know if Your Loved One Needs In-Home Senior Care

Making the decision on whether or not your loved one needs in-home senior care can be a daunting task. However, it can be helpful to know just exactly what in-home senior care is, and how it works. This is a service that allows your senior to stay in the comfort…

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