Caring for Disabled Seniors: How Home Care Can Help

For senior Americans, ages 65 – 74, facing the struggle of living with a disability is a reality that 25% of seniors experience. Living as a senior with a disability introduces a whole new set of challenges to the aging process. As a solution, Home Care Assistance wants to tell…

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How to Make the Kitchen Safe for Seniors in Fort Worth, TX

Tips to Keep Older Adults Safe in the Kitchen

Since kitchens tend to be filled with sharp objects, extreme temperatures, and heavy equipment, they are full of potential hazards for the elderly. Kitchens are particularly dangerous for seniors with dementia, but they can even be problematic for a perfectly healthy senior. Whether your aging loved one lives alone or…

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How to Help Seniors Avoid Scams in Fort Worth, TX

How to Help Elderly People Prevent Scams

Scam artists often target seniors, as they believe people in this age group are more susceptible to cons. Whether or not this is true, seniors deserve protection from people targeting them. Here are a few ways to help your senior loved one avoid scams.  Offer Financial Assistance As they age,…

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Commin Fall-Related Injuries in Older Adults in Fort Worth, TX

7 Most Common Fall-Related Injuries for Older Adults

As seniors age, their risk of slipping and falling may increase due to lack of energy, limited mobility, and cognitive impairment. Falls can lead to serious injuries for seniors, including fractures and broken bones. Take a look at some of the most common fall-related injuries for seniors.  1. Head Injuries …

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Senior Safety Technologies in Fort Worth, TX

5 Technological Devices Designed for Senior Safety

A senior’s independence becomes important with aging. Technology can assist seniors in their daily tasks, help them maintain their sense of independence, and keep them out of harm’s way. Fort Worth elderly care experts discuss 5 tech devices seniors may want to consider. 1. The “Help” Button There are different types…

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IDs seniors should carry in Forth Worth, TX

Identifications Seniors Should Carry

Seniors should always have IDs with them when traveling, especially during winter. During an emergency, an ID assists police and first responders in handling the situation. Examples of valid IDs are a social security card, driver’s license, state ID, and passport card. Fort Worth senior care professionals also suggest carrying…

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