Fun New Year’s Eve Activities for Seniors with Dementia

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New Year Events for Elders in Forth Worth, TX

Fort Worth dementia caregivers can enjoy spending time on New Year’s Eve with their senior loved ones by engaging in a few festive activities. Below are some creative ideas for the day so that even if the senior can’t stay up until midnight, he or she will still have enjoyed the festivities.

Celebrate Different Countries

A great way for seniors and their dementia or Alzheimer’s caregivers in Fort Worth, TX, to celebrate New Year’s Eve is to learn about how they welcome the New Year in different countries. For example, prepare supper foods from England because it will be about midnight there during suppertime. Make the day more fun by giving each person a country to investigate and have them create an activity from that country that you can all enjoy together.

Make Party Hats

Construction paper can easily be turned into festive party hats. Assign each person a decade and have him or her decide what a party hat from that decade would look like. Then, have each person create his or her hat to reflect the essence of that time. While wearing the hat, have each person share why he or she chose to design the hat in the way he or she did.

Color in a World Map

Print out a large world map that everyone can clearly see. For each hour, have your guests color in the areas in the world where they are in a different year than you are currently in. Make sure to take into consideration the International Dateline.

Play Read the Headline

Gather newspaper roundups from several different years. Read the story aloud and have everyone try to guess the year the story was printed. If the family has lived in the same region for a long time, then try to gather local news stories. If they elicit memories, then take time to hear those stories.

Incorporating your senior with dementia into your New Year’s Eve activities can be lots of fun. Learn more about fun activities seniors with dementia can participate in by calling Home Care Assistance at (817) 349-7599. Our comprehensive memory home care in Fort Worth, TX, encourages seniors with dementia to remain socially active in order to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Learn more about our services and set up a free consultation when you call.


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