Eight Ways to Help an Arthritis Sufferer

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There are many types of Arthritis; Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid are the most common forms. Osteoarthritis, often referred to as “wear and tear,” is typically a disease of older people and the most common type of Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic disorder, and symptoms can worsen as time goes on. Symptoms of arthritis include difficulty moving the joint, muscle weakness and pain, weight loss, poor sleep, fatigue, the inability to use your hand or sometimes even walk. Early treatment is key to stopping the progression of arthritis.

These symptoms can impact one’s life greatly both physically and emotionally. Living with arthritis is challenging, and taking care of an arthritis sufferer can be difficult. Some arthritis patients struggle with the activities of daily living but are hesitant to seek help from family members or friends. If you notice your loved one or friend having trouble with simple tasks at home, help in these areas could make living with arthritis more manageable.

1. Personal Hygiene Care
2. Meal Preparation
3. Light Housekeeping
4. Companionship
5. Medication Reminders
6. Transportation
7. Exercise Support
8. In home therapy including heat/cold treatments, massage and small movement training

In the early stages of arthritis, patients may be in denial. Their pain is short term and often attributed to age, old sports injuries or even the weather. Occasional joint pain can cause the knees, hips, hands, fingers or elbows to become stiff and take awhile to warm up. As arthritis symptoms worsen, the patient feels extreme pain or stiffness, and movement becomes limited. At this point, they may need medication as the pain is unbearable. The last stage of arthritis is when all cartilage around the joint is gone. People in the degenerative stage of arthritis can be immobile, feel weak and often are wheelchair bound. It is important to have a caregiver, whether family member or professional, help these patients with the activities of daily living, as well as, provide compassion and emotional support.

At Home Care Assistance, our trained home care specialists can help your loved one manage their arthritis and offer you peace of mind. Our senior caregivers are specifically trained to encourage independence while making sure our clients are safe and comfortable in their home environment. Knowing that a compassionate and reliable professional is available to offer support either hourly or full time, can also provide respite and comfort to the family. Call Home Care Assistance today to learn more about our Arthritis Care Program.


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