Fort Worth Elder Care Assists Seniors Who Are Experiencing Memory Loss

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As people age, remembering simple facts and events can become challenging.  Previously simple details, such as recalling specific items needed at the grocery store or what a person’s name is, begin to slip their mind on a regular basis.  While medical professionals agree that mild forgetfulness is normal as one grows older, a chronic inability to remember routine things may be an indicator that assistance is necessary.  Scheduled participation with therapists or aides is an option that is particularly helpful for seniors who are starting to be more forgetful. If you are searching for Fort Worth elder care that provides a variety of services for seniors who are experiencing memory loss, Home Care Assistance is here to help. We also offer care specialty care for seniors who are suffering from memory loss due to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Home Care Assistance caregivers work with seniors to help regain and maintain memory by encouraging their clients to play mind stimulating games.  Games involving cards, puzzles and brain teasers allow seniors to partake in a fun and enjoyable activity, while simultaneously exercising their brains.  By challenging their brain to remember where cards are placed, how a puzzle piece fits in a specific spot, or recalling the answer to a riddle, the brain is making continuous, positive connections.  In time, these simple activities, allow elderly individuals to recall certain aspects of their life with more clarity.

Another component of maintaining memory is through proper nutrition and exercise.  Enlisting the help of a Home Care Assistance caregiver ensures that your senior loved one will participate in healthy diet and exercise habits. Studies show that proper nutrition directly benefits the brain by providing it with vital nutrients necessary for daily functioning.  Also, the addition of exercise allows the brain’s neurons and cells to function more efficiently.  With the assistance of a caregiver, elderly individuals can sit down and create a schedule including daily exercise tasks or reminders for short walks.  Through these small, but important activities, seniors can improve memory as well as reduce their risk of memory related illness such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.  For patients who already suffer from these diseases, our Fort Worth Alzheimer’s care as well as dementia care can provide consistency for the patient and peace of mind for the family.

When families notice that their aging loved ones are forgetting things more often, the need for outside assistance may be necessary. Early intervention prevents the onset of more severe symptoms and may also reverse brain damage that has already occurred.  In home care Fort Worth provides assistance with activities of daily living and personal care for seniors who are struggling with memory loss. Contact a Care Manager today at 817-349-7599 to schedule your free in home consultation.


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