Getting Out and About

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getting out and aboutThis is a common phrase we hear all the time. If your father asks, “Where were you?” You say “Oh, I was just out and about.”

Well, if you are a senior citizen or have reasons you cannot be as mobile as you once where, then it is more important than ever to be “out and about.” Plus it is fun and you might learn something. Sitting at home watching TV, doing nothing at the kitchen table, or reading has its advantages, but being around people or breathing fresh air is totally wonderful.

Since exercise is important, why not get your exercise by being “out and about”?

Walk around the block in our neighbor. As they say, stop and smell the roses. You would be surprised by the number of roses that are right in our backyard.

Go shopping and buy nothing. To me, that is the ultimate fun! Why? Because you have the same money you left home with as when you return home. Go to the biggest mall in your neighborhood. The stores, the lights, the activities, and the variety of people you see will not only regenerate your body, but will also regenerate your mind. And of course, if you want to, you can buy something nice for yourself, a family member, or a friend. Why not?

If it is a strain, you can rent a mobile chair. I see many mobile chairs in the mall and the occupants seem very satisfied.

I love to stay at home. On the other hand, I need the balance of what is outside my door.

If the mall and walking in the neighborhood is not enough then…go to church on Sundays, join groups that have your interest, visit family, go to the movies. Either way, it will improve your attitude and sense of well-being.


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