Making the Transition to In-Home Care

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Knowing When To Appoint In-Home Care for Elderly In-Home Care To in Forth Worth, TX

As we enter our elderly years, it’s perfectly natural to need help with tasks of everyday life such as bathing, grooming, medication reminders, cooking, cleaning and dressing. Some seniors, however, have a hard time accepting help from Fort Worth home care providers and may feel demoralized, humiliated or depressed about needing assistance. There are several strategies you can employ to assist your elderly loved one with accepting help from in-home care agencies.

Find the Humor in the Situation

If your senior loved one is in need of home care, joke with him or her that her years of caring for the youngsters in the family are now being repaid. You could also make light of the situation by telling him or her that he or she might get a cute Forth Worth caregiver to help out at home. Maintaining a positive attitude and a light hearted, fun approach to in-home care can help your loved one see the brighter side of getting more hands-on assistance.

Focus on What He or She Can Do

Some seniors see accepting help with everyday tasks as being infantilized or treated like a child. You can help dispel this feeling by pointing out what your loved one is still able to do. Sure, he or she may need some help keeping up with the housework, but your loved one can still produce art or needlework, or maybe he or she is interested in writing memoirs. This will allow your loved one to feel productive and valued as an adult despite being physically or mentally limited.

Point Out the Benefits of Having Extra Time

Instead of your loved one struggling to handle everyday tasks, he or she now has extra time to devote to physical therapy, visiting with loved ones, writing, composing or engaging in other hobbies and activities. Emphasize that this is a positive perk of getting older and help your loved one understand that the extra assistance will enable your loved one to use his or her newfound spare time for more entertaining activities.

Transitioning to live-in or hourly home care in Fort Worth can be hard for some elderly people. By staying positive and talking about the situation, you can help your loved one keep their spirits up and see the advantages of in-home help. Contact Home Care Assistance of Forth Worth today at (817) 349-7599 to learn how our compatible caregivers can help your loved one age in place.


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