Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

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It’s that time of year again when we are all looking forward to the holidays and looking for the perfects gifts for our loved ones.  Giving gifts to the seniors in our lives can be more challenging because many seniors have downsized and have everything they need or are simply not interested in material things any longer.  Still, they will welcome gifts that improve the quality of their lives or give them the opportunity to spend time with family.  Here are some ideas for this holiday season.

Gifts to Aid with Hearing Loss

There are several headsets on the market now for watching TV.  These wireless devices are geared toward people with hearing loss and not only amplify sound, they also lower background noise so that dialogue is clearer.  Some even automatically reduce the volume when commercials come on.  Try the TV Listener Wireless Headphones System ($45.99) which is an over the ear system or the TV Ears ($129.99-$229.99) which are ear buds.

Personal amplifiers are useful particular for those who won’t wear a hearing aid.  Some are designed to look like a Bluetooth wireless cell phone earpiece.  Consider the Medca Personal Sound Amplifier Bluetooth Appearance ($172.90).

Gifts to Support Vision and Mobility

Technology devices with oversized buttons and large print are helpful to seniors with vision or fine motor skill problems.  Oversized television remote controls and large button telephones are particularly useful.

Not all conveniences need be high tech.  A magnifying glass, reacher/grabber, and jar opener are all useful items.

Gifts All Year Round

Want to keep the giving going all year round?  Fruit-of-the-month is a nice healthy treat.  Many other foods also come as a “gift of the month” including cheese, chocolate, gourmet meats.  You’re not limited to food either.  Monthly flower arrangements can also be arranged including orchids which add an elegant touch to any room.

Gifts for the Heart

No one enjoys family photos more than grandparents, but who has the surface space to put out all those picture frames?  Here the solution is a digital picture frame.  Load the photos onto a thumb drive or photo memory card and the frame loops through the pictures continuously.  Be sure to get all the photos loaded before giving the gift so that the frame is ready to go.  Consider taking the time to scan older (non-digital) photos so that they can be included too.

Don’t forget to get the grandkids involved. Have them plan a mini-show where they sing a couple of songs or play an instrument.  If they won’t be seeing their grandparents during the holidays, let them sing over the phone or create a video to send.  Even a hand drawn card that says “I love you” is something that seniors will enjoy receiving.

The Best Gift Of All – TIME

Spending time together, particularly at the holidays, helps ward off depression and loneliness.  During this busy season, find time to go to a play or dinner.  Take a drive to see Christmas lights displays.

Mostly, elderly people want to know that they aren’t forgotten so it is truly the thought that counts.  And, don’t forget that the gift of time is the most valuable of all.



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