Home Care in 10 Years: What Seniors in Fort Worth, TX Can Expect

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Big changes are coming to the home care industry over the next 10 years! The industry has had many ups and downs, just like our economy, and now we’re anticipating many trends that will take place here very soon. Some of the changes will include more technology in our seniors’ homes, “senior-friendly” amenities designed to help seniors thrive, and more cost-effective alternatives to assisted living facilities.

To get a better sense of what the home care industry will look like 10 years from now, let’s take a look at the following trends, predictions, and changes:

More Amenities for Seniors

Many seniors will continue to look for more independent housing options, and in the meantime, nursing homes and assisted living facilities will try to retain and attract new seniors by implementing progressive programs. These will include new-age fitness classes, educational services, and various cultural events.

Green Senior Living

Seniors are crazy for going green! Eco-friendly senior housing helps seniors keep an environmentally conscious mindset. More so, they provide cost-saving benefits! Fewer utilities = less money spent.

Senior Co-Housing

Life in the commune is going to be good! Senior co-housing will provide many benefits seniors are looking for, like living in their own homes but still having access to shared spaces so they can socialize and interact with the community. Communes will also help seniors play an active role in making community decisions, giving them a greater sense of purpose and need!

More Technology

Nope, technology isn’t going anywhere! In fact, we’re going to be bridging any gaps between seniors and technology over the next 10 years. We’ll be seeing things like computer systems in the home that will wirelessly send a senior’s medication logs, vitals, and appointment schedules to caregivers and families alike!

Fewer Nursing Home Models

Are the days of nursing homes numbered? More and more seniors will continue to look towards alternative housing options that allow them to continue living an independent life – home care services do just that. With less expensive options and specialized program choices – like memory care services, for example – home care services are making great options for many seniors!

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