In Home Care Tips: How to Better Connect With Your Parent’s Caregiver

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If you have a parent or grandparent receiving in home care, it’s not uncommon for them to have a caregiver that you frequently interact with. Although sometimes, you might feel like it difficult to connect with that person. That’s why we at Home Care Assistance have a few suggestions for you to help build a positive relationship with them!

Take a look at our tips below and begin connecting with your senior’s caregiver:

Make Sure They are the Right Fit

The first and most important step towards starting off a relationship on a good note is choosing the right caregiver for your family. If during the interview process you don’t feel a good connection, or feel that they are not a good fit, it is best to move on and select a different caregiver. What can help when trying to decide who is the right caregiver, is sharing your senior’s likes and dislikes, medical background, and history.

Start a Conversation

We put a big emphasis on clear and frequent communication with your caregiver. Try and communicate from the get-go with them to establish what you expect from them while on the job. They will have a better experience is they have clear expectations, and this wall also help to avoid any misunderstandings while building trust.

But, Be Respectful of Their Privacy

At some point, you may begin to want to know more about your caregiver’s personal life as you increase your bond with them. But we suggest being respectful of their privacy to establish professional boundaries and make sure that they always feel comfortable around you and your family. This helps them to respect your personal life as well! Instead of talking about personal items, you can use these topics of conversation instead to get to know them better:

  • Why did the caregiver choose this profession?
  • Where is the caregiver from?
  • What are the caregiver’s hobbies?
  • What kind of food, books, or movies does the caregiver enjoy?

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