7 Independence Day Activities for Elderly People

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How Older Adults Can Celebrate Independence Day in Forth Worth, TX

Seniors are keenly aware of the significance of Independence Day. Commemorating our country’s birth typically involves traditions. Here are seven creative ways for your loved one to spend the holiday.

1. Make Healthy July 4th Kabobs

Encourage your loved one to skewer food pieces in an alternating red, white, and blue pattern. In keeping with the holiday theme, he or she can carve stars with cookie cutters from certain fruits and cheeses. Here are some colorful combinations:

  • Strawberries, bananas, blueberries
  • Raspberries, white cheddar, blueberries
  • Watermelon, mozzarella balls, blueberries
  • Red grapes, feta cheese chunks, blueberries
  • Blood orange slices, cheese rounds, blueberries
  • Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, blue-purple olives

Threading food pieces on sticks enhances hand-eye coordination. Low-fat cheese is a good source of protein and calcium. Fresh fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Older adults should always be supervised while making kabobs to prevent cuts and other injuries. 

When considering home care, Fort Worth, Texas, families should make sure their senior loved ones have the resources they need to maintain their independence and remain healthy. Trusted in-home care professionals can assist seniors with daily tasks like cooking, bathing, and exercise, and they can also encourage them to focus on healthier lifestyle habits.

2. Hold a Patriotic Scavenger Hunt

A quest can be simple or complex, depending on your loved one’s faculties. For a mild challenge, keep objects visible in typical locations, and distribute lists without clues. For more of a mental workout, hide objects and write hints of their locations on slips of paper. Design clues so they guide players from one object to the next. 

For example, an item on your list could simply be described as “something red.” A more ambitious clue could be “an ingredient in tomato sauce,” leading players to the kitchen. Then, affix another note to the kitchen item, directing hunters to the next object.

Hold your hunt indoors or outdoors, depending on weather and player health. Establish time limits and area boundaries. Then, give each participant a bag for gathering items. Also, distribute pens for crossing off found objects on the list.

As your loved one makes discoveries, capture some moments on camera. Later, you can assemble the photos in an album as a keepsake. Award a prize to the individual or team that finds the most items.

Here are a few themed objects you can use for your hunt: blue napkin, ketchup packet, mustard packet, red spice shaker, miniature American flag, US postage stamp, blue balloon, pinwheel, red lipstick, folded US map, red paper star, blue crayon, red pen, small red address book.

Playing in teams offers opportunities for socialization, which can ward off depression and loneliness. Searching for objects is a fun form of exercise that can increase neural activity, develop thinking skills, and boost memory.

3. Play “Red, White, and Blue Concentration”

For this group game, players sit in a circle. Everyone takes a turn announcing a red, white, or blue item in sequence. Each person has five seconds to state his or her item. 

The game leader times each player and records the objects mentioned with paper and pen. When a player repeats an item or can’t think of one, he or she is out. The last person remaining in the game wins a prize.

This activity requires focusing, yielding faster comprehension, mental processing, and memory. Enhancing your loved one’s alertness can help him or her live productively. 

4. Craft a July 4th Star Wreath

Assemble the supplies, including a wreath form, pencil, ruler, scissors, glue gun, red grosgrain ribbon, and cardstock paper in red, white, and blue. With the pencil and ruler, draw star templates in four sizes, then use the patterns to cut enough colored stars to cover the wreath. 

Next, cut two strips of red ribbon to line the inner and outer edges of the wreath, and cut one strip to hang the decoration. Using the glue gun, affix the ribbon to the wreath edges, then glue the stars in an overlapping design on the top surface of the wreath. Lastly, loop the hanging ribbon through the wreath and glue the ends together. Now, hang up your loved one’s masterpiece.

Crafting unleashes senior creativity while providing a sense of purpose. It also exercises fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. When the project is complete, your loved one will likely be thrilled by the accomplishment.

Whether you’re planning patriotic activities or assisting with daily tasks, managing your loved one’s day-to-day care can be overwhelming. Family caregivers sometimes need a break from their caregiving responsibilities. When they need respite care, Fort Worth families can rely on professional caregivers to help their senior loved ones remain safe at home.

5. Play American Geography Challenge

Play this game with a large group of people divided into two teams. The game leader reads the questions, judges answers, and tallies points for accuracy. The team with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Challenging the brain increases thinking capacity and attentiveness while decelerating cognitive decline. Mental exercise also enhances perception, processing, reasoning, and memory. 

6. Watch Patriotic Movies

Here are five classic patriotic movies to consider:

Lincoln – As the Civil War rages, President Lincoln fights to end slavery. Though the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves after the war, slavery wasn’t yet banned. The film depicts the Confederate surrender, 13th Amendment, and the President’s assassination.

Forrest Gump – The main character, played by Tom Hanks, is a kindhearted, simpleminded Alabama man who accidentally witnesses historic events. Meanwhile, his true love evades him.

Miracle – Kurt Russell plays Coach Herb Brooks in this true sports film. In 1980, Brooks led the US Olympic hockey team to win the gold medal while competing against the favored Soviet squad. As the Russians appeared invincible, the American victory was considered a miracle.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – This comedy-drama illustrates one man’s influence on American politics. Appointed to fill a vacant Senate position, he’s met with political corruption. The film stars James Stewart and Jean Arthur.

Apollo 13 – Starring Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, this film portrays NASA’s challenge of safely returning three astronauts to Earth after massive spacecraft damage.

Watching patriotic movies may spark your loved one’s holiday spirit.

7. Play Patriotic Bingo

Print up patriotic Bingo cards online, then cut out the playing boards. The last page of this printing sequence has the objects to be announced. After cutting them into small cards, place them in a bowl or hat for drawing and calling. The first player to cover five squares in a row wins a prize.

Researchers cite many merits of playing Bingo, including enhanced hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and reflexes. A 2012 Case Western University study found that even if seniors have dementia, using high-contrast, enlarged cards enhances perception and cognitive acuity.

For many seniors in Fort Worth, Texas, live-in care is an essential component of aging in place safely and comfortably. However, it’s important for them to have caregivers they can trust and rely on. At Home Care Assistance, we extensively screen all of our live-in and 24-hour caregivers and only hire those who have experience in the senior home care industry. Our strict requirements ensure seniors can remain in the comfort of home with a reduced risk of injury or serious illness. To learn about our high-quality care plans, give us a call at (817) 349-7599 today.


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