Take Control of the Quality of your Life Like you Would your Investment Portfolio

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This month’s blog comes courtesy of Jack Di Giacomo, Sr. Thank you for the wise words and teaching with us in our Healthy Lifestyle Class.

Just like the investment portfolio for monetary well being, we must evaluate our fitness levels. If we really expect to enjoy our retirement years we must invest in physical activities, much the same as we would re-position our monetary holdings to weather a stock market storm or prepare for retirement. Taking stock of your fitness level can allow you to plan for a healthy future.

A deteriorated state of health or having problems walking from here to the mailbox makes the prudent adult ask, “How much enjoyment will my retirement years bring?” Many of us have watched our dear parents work their tails off to save enough money for retirement so they could go anywhere, anytime they wanted. Unfortunately though, when the time actually came, they were in such deteriorated health, and their physicality was so poor, that to go on a three state road trip would be inconceivable. In my own case, my mother’s dreams of walking the Great Pyramids of Egypt had become a totally unrealistic fantasy.

As we age our bones become more brittle, and our flexibility diminishes greatly. These two issues are major factors in the amount of broken hips, patellas, and femurs. When in our younger years if we fell or tripped, we would have virtually bounced off the floor, now Father Time has made this miscue a much more difficult situation to deal with and recover from.

Investing in one’s physical health by considering a fitness program will pay dividends now and in the future. Consider the following steps for a safe and realistic expectation for your fitness future.

  • Set reasonable goals that can be obtained through work without overbearing
  • Make a 3-phase, short-term goal system (10, 20, and 30 day). This establishes a set of challenges to Example: (weight loss, dress size, energy increase, walking up a flight of stairs without being winded, losing inches, increased endurance/stamina, etc.)
  • A personal log should be kept showing goals and monitoring any and all changes and
  • Consider a fitness partner to make your exercise fun.
  • Always include a proper stretching program and cool down period when you exercise.

Always keep in mind when constructing your fitness agenda to address eating habits; what you eat, and when you eat it. Logic and common sense dictate that when we demand a higher activity rate from our body, we most certainly will need to fuel it adequately. Make sure to make healthy choices and have these foods readily available after your workout.

Jack Di Giacomo, Sr. grew up In Philadelphia,PA. and entered The U.S. Army in 1967.  He served in Vietnam 1968 with The 82nd Airborne and in 1969 with the 101st Airborne Recon Long Range Recon Patrols. When he came home to the realization that ALL of his Family members were at least 100 lbs overweight, he went to work with Bally’s Health Clubs. As his family aged, their health problems grew and their weight would not reduce. That’s when he decided to devote his energy to helping others, Get Fit, and Stay in Shape. Learn more about Jack and his fitness philosophy at https://www.jackhammerfitnessthecadre.com.


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