5 Ways Seniors Can Reduce Their Pancreatic Cancer Risk

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Preventing Seniors From Pancreatic Cancer in Fort Worth, TX

With so much attention on other types of cancer, it seems as though pancreatic cancer gets overlooked. However, seniors should be aware that this type of cancer rarely shows symptoms until it spreads. Taking these preventative actions may help seniors reduce their pancreatic cancer risk and boost overall health.

1. Weight Management

Pancreatic cancer is one of the many health conditions linked to obesity. Fort Worth senior care and healthcare experts believe exercising regularly helps lower the risk of pancreatic cancer in seniors. For this reason, you should encourage your loved one to perform some physical activity every day.

2. Avoid Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Toxic chemicals such as DDT have been linked to a higher risk of pancreatic cancer. Seniors who were once exposed to chemicals or still use any risky chemicals should let their doctors know and wear gloves and masks to minimize the health risk.

3. Quit Smoking

Tobacco products weaken a senior’s immune system and are linked to many types of cancers. Seniors who have been smoking for many years should know it is not too late to quit. If your senior loved one quits smoking, he or she may gradually experience a decrease in pancreatic cancer risk over the next several years.

4. Switch to a Low-Fat Diet

High-fat diets may lead to heart disease and also increase a senior’s risk for pancreatic cancer. Your loved one should consider healthy food options such as lean meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables to keep cancer at bay.

5. Don’t Skip Medical Appointments

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer appear slowly. Seniors should visit their doctors regularly to identify and treat such symptoms on a proactive basis.

If your senior loved one needs help managing his or her health to stave off cancer and other serious conditions, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our professional respite and live-in caregivers in Fort Worth have experience in helping aging adults make healthier decisions that increase their chances of living a longer and happier life. We provide tailored senior care plans, which can include meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation for medical appointments, and physical and mental stimulation exercises to facilitate recovery and stave off cognitive decline. To learn more about our services, call us at (817) 349-7599.


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