Newest Home Care Technology

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senior using home care technology in Fort Worth, TX

Home care technology is changing quickly with innovations for people of all ages. There is increased safety and security for older people who live alone and have concerns of falling, and now a loved one or caregiver can be alerted to check in on Grandpa if he doesn’t get out of bed by a specific time. Sensors have been used routinely for home security, but now they’re so sensitive that they can determine if someone needs help, or if they have fallen, without them even pressing a button. Monitors are wearable around the clock to check in on blood glucose levels, blood pressure and sleep rhythms. Aging adults with memory issues can use wearable aids to trigger reminders, allowing them to remain independent in their own home longer than before. People can get connected to caregivers remotely by voice or visually with screen time.

More seniors will be able to remain at home longer due to advancing technology. Large amounts of money have been invested in technology for home care, which has created fast communication between aging adult patients or their caregivers and response teams, allowing for better health outcomes. Technology can bring considerable cost savings, as well. Older adults are able to remain in their homes and make appointments for video chats with the physician, assistant or other healthcare provider, eliminating the need for transportation.

Creating wellness and the prevention of disease are focuses now because of helpful monitoring and diagnostics. Mobile and desktop apps have been created for stress reduction and to teach and motivate people to make better lifestyle choices.

With technological advances, the misuse of medication can be addressed, preventing overdoses, too. Aging adults with impaired memory and people suffering from mental illness, who may have had problems in the past, can take their prescription medications at home safely using facial-recognition devices and “smart pill bottles.” Both only allow the patient to access the prescribed dose of medication at the right time.

Old and young alike can reap the benefits of apps on mobile devices offering the monitoring of health data, like walking, sleeping, or fitness activities, which can be used for both personal and medical use.

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