Providing Post-Hospital Services and Fort Worth Home Care for Seniors

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An elderly individual may be admitted into the hospital for a variety of reasons including an illness.  Depending on the severity of the situation, they may be required to stay in a hospital facility for an extended period of time.  Often confined to bed for long hours, they experience decreased mobility and difficulties performing routine tasks. Once discharged, the enormous toll put on their body during the hospital stay is apparent.  In some cases, their weakened state renders them unable to revert to their normal routine before their accident or illness occurred. Fort Worth home care services that are customized for post-hospital rehabilitation, offer the ideal option for recently discharged patients.

There are two types of therapy that can be performed to assist post hospital patients in regaining mobility and function. The first, physical therapy, focuses on rebuilding strength and stamina of the musculoskeletal system.  This therapy will focus on the areas of the body that are in a weakened state.  With the help of a physical therapist and the support of a personal caregiver, the elderly patient will be able to participate in strengthening exercises that assist them on their road to recovery.  Our caregivers provide support and encouragement through therapy, while assisting with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, household chores and personal hygiene.

The second form of rehab therapy, occupational therapy, focuses on the rehabilitation of a patient’s fine motor skills. This type of therapy revolves around regaining the ability to perform daily tasks such as relearning how to grasp a spoon or open a can of food.  In both therapy types, goals are set for patient’s to observe progress and regain confidence.

Generally, rehabilitation efforts are minimally established in the hospital in anticipation of discharge.  Following discharge, patients must follow their physician’s instructions for recovery, medication regimens and therapy exercises to ensure a successful rehabilitation.  Post hospital home care Fort Worth helps patients recover as well as avoid readmission within the comforts of their own home.  Our expertly trained caregivers can provide transportation to any follow up appointments or physical therapy sessions.  They will also remind patients to take their medication, follow appropriate diet plans and help promote proper exercise participation.  Most importantly, patients will receive encouragement, support and companionship throughout the recovery process.

A hospital stay can affect your elderly loved one’s normal activities of daily living.  However, with a proper post hospital rehabilitation plan with in home care Fort Worth, you can be assured your loved one is receiving the proper attention and care.  Our caregivers will help your loved one remedy the effects of a hospital stay, while building habits to prevent readmittance.  If you are looking for post rehabilitation assistance, contact a Care Manager today at 817-349-7599.


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