Knee Exercises That Relieve Arthritis Pain

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Relieving Arthritis Pain with Knee Exercises in Forth Worth, TX

Seniors often have arthritis in their knees. While many may resist the urge to exercise, Fort Worth home care professionals maintain that movement helps to increase mobility, strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Doing the exercises below also reduces the likelihood of painful falls because they also build lower body strength.

Hip Marches

Have the senior stand behind a straight chair while grabbing ahold of its top edge. As the senior exhales, have them bend and lift a knee so that the leg extends behind him or her. Your loved one should hold the leg in the air as long as possible before placing it back on the floor. Then, encourage the senior to do it on the other foot. While the senior needs to start out slow, 10 repetitions are ideal. 

Wall Stretches

Encourage the senior to stand with feet in line with his or her shoulders and back against the wall. Encourage your loved one to lower his or her back against the wall while bending at the knees as far as he or she is comfortable. Hold the position for a four count and then have your loved one slide back up the wall. Have the senior stand with his or her back against the wall and place the feet shoulder width apart, a short distance from the wall. Again, 10 repetitions are ideal for optimal strength building. 

Seated Leg Lifts

Even seniors who are unsteady on their feet can do knee exercises. Have the senior sit with his or her feet flat on the floor in a straight-back chair. Encourage your loved one to lift the left leg out in front of him or her slowly. Prompt your loved one to hold it for a five count and then place it back on the floor without jerking. Have the senior sit in a chair with a straight back with their feet flat on the floor. Ten repetitions are ideal for this exercise. 

Partial Squats

Another exercise that seniors can do starts by standing behind an upright chair. They can then hold on to the chair with both hands while squatting toward the floor. Encourage them to return to a standing position slowly to effectively build muscle. 

Straight Leg Raises

If the senior can lie on the floor, encourage him or her to lie on his or her back with the left leg bent at a 50-degree angle. Now, have your loved one raise the right leg as high as his or her knee. Encourage your loved one to hold this position for as long as possible before returning the leg to the floor and repeating the action on the other side. 

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