Seniors Achieve Balance, Strength, and Flexibility with Yoga

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BSF is not to be confused with BFF (best friends forever). BSF simply means Balance, Strength, and Flexibility.

As the co-owner of Home Care Assistance, I see many of our clients who need help in acquiring a better BSF lifestyle.

As we go through the aging cycle, we all see a natural loss in BSF. Even though this loss is inevitable, we do have the power to lessen its potentially crippling effects.

As a strong advocate of Yoga, I see it as a path to feeling better and having the mobility one deserves regardless of the age you reach. With a focus on Yoga, exercise, and the Balance Care Method of Home Care Assistance, you can have a happier and more fulfilled life as you age.

Let’s talk about Yoga:


Part of any good Yoga regiment is to practice balance. Let us focus on some of the important components of balance. The easiest and most common practice you can do is to stand up straight, shoulders and head back as if you had to give a salute in the military. Another element is to lock your knees and place all parts of your feet firmly on the ground. Locking your knees adds strength to your thigh and leg muscles and prevents the slight angle drop you see with most seniors when they stand up. Stronger legs give you the opportunity to lean in all directions and ultimately the ability to stand on one leg. It takes practice, but it can be done.


When I speak of strength I am not referring to lifting weights, but rather resistance training where you improve the muscle power equally on all parts of the body. You want to increase the strength in your hands, neck, abs, back, and lower extremities equally which helps balance and movement of the entire body. It looks impressive to have pecks and upper arm muscles, but you need the whole package to have a positive effect on your overall health.


No one likes being stiff. I mean a stiff neck a stiff back, etc… Any part of the body that lacks flexibility also impacts strength and balance. The biggest signature of an old person is how stiff and rigid they may appear.

You can improve flexibility by stretching, stretching, and more stretching. Stretching every muscle or tendon from head to toe is the only effective way to see some measurable improvement in your mobility. Stretching might at first create a pain sensation, but continuous stretching reduces overall pain as you increase your mobility.

There are several types of Yoga from hot yoga to simply sitting in a chair and doing postures. You can find a Yoga practice through a health club, senior center, or from an internet search. But be warned: You must seek continuous improvement! Never settle for stagnation or an infrequent practice. Be focused and work to make it to the next level of Yoga for whatever that may be.

Remember BSF translates into ES, which is Energy and Stamina.

Isn’t that what we all want?


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