Seniors Can Find Happiness all Summer by Staying Indoors

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Texas summers can be very hard on seniors since they can experience heat stroke and heat exhaustion when outside. Finding interesting things to do indoors—while keeping minds and/or bodies active—is easier than you might think. Here are a number of activities that can be enjoyed in the comfort of home or other cool settings.

Physical activities

Strengthening, range-of-motion and toning exercises can be done, even from a chair. Many DVDs have senior-oriented fitness themes including low-impact aerobics like water aerobics, exercises with small hand weights, yoga and Pilates. Walking around places like shopping malls is easy and exciting with something different every time. Dancing to music is timeless, and games like table tennis and bowling are always fun.

Creative activities

Seniors can rekindle love of an activity or take up a new one. The prospect of painting, drawing, sculpting, needlepoint, crocheting, beading or countless other creative endeavors awaits. Scrapbooking, genealogy studies and making greeting cards are ways to connect with memories and family. Playing a musical instrument (if they already know how) or learning to play a new an instrument helps keep minds sharp. Gourmet cooking, writing memoirs and even composing short stories can be stimulating. There are always theatre, dance, movie and musical events in the community, in an atmosphere of air-conditioned comfort.

Spiritual and volunteer activities

Getting involved with Bible studies or other church activities can bring closeness and fellowship. There are many rewarding indoor volunteer opportunities for seniors at area hospitals, libraries, museums (as docents) and community events such as health fairs.

Mentally challenging activities

Beyond reading, bingo and working crossword or logic puzzles, seniors can learn a language, become more adept at computers or social networking, put together gift or address lists for the holidays and learn how to burn CDs. Sharing skills with another person (family recipes, history of their hometown) keeps minds active. How about getting organized: seniors can go through closets, drawers and files to weed out what is not necessary.

Enrichment classes

Many senior centers, colleges and other facilities offer low-cost or classes they can audit on such popular subjects as current events, history, architecture and various cultures. It’s a great way to learn about new ideas and participate in discussions.

The caregivers at Homecare Assistance of Fort Worth are full of good indoor ideas for seniors, whether for summer or the rest of the year. They will interact with your senior to plan many interesting activities that brighten each day.


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