Seniors have a lot to give to others!

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Most seniors have spent much of their lives helping friends, neighbors and organizations—whether as a parent, scout leader, church committee member or serving in other volunteer roles. So it’s natural for seniors to continue to serve and at the same time know that they are still appreciated. There are always abundant volunteer opportunities in the Fort Worth/Grapevine/Mid Cities area, as the needs of our communities grow.

Volunteering on a regular basis—several days a week or as schedules or transportation permit—can keep seniors in an active, positive state of mind that is good for their mental well-being and retaining their independence. It can help them make new friends, learn new skills (such as how to speak a new language when working with refugees) or hone current skills (such as mentoring those who are challenged by computers).

Additionally, acts of volunteering can be therapeutic for seniors. Serving others can help take their mind off such circumstances as a chronic illness, the death of a loved one or living alone. They may meet others who have been through similar setbacks, who could benefit from another understanding soul.

Currently thousands of local volunteer opportunities exist for seniors willing to lend a helping hand. Here are just a few of them:

Deliver Meals on Wheels
Volunteers are needed to pick up meals at distribution sites on a daily or weekly basis, and drive them to recipients’ homes. There is also a greeting card program associated with Meals on Wheels. Seniors can sign greeting cards (sympathy, birthday, get well, etc.) that are delivered with meals. Able-bodied persons with access to a vehicle or those interested in the greeting cards can visit the Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County site or call 817-336-0912.

Catholic Charities Mentors
Volunteers who can help teach English to refugees from around the world are needed, as well as people who can plan activities for elderly and disabled persons, mentor to families and perform clerical tasks. Visit or call 817-534-0814.

Transportation Providers
Seniors can help other seniors in Northeast Tarrant County by providing rides to doctor appointments, as well as taking them for occasional day-brightening outings such as shopping, cultural events, going to lunch or just viewing some interesting scenery. This requires about 3 hours at a time; seniors can volunteer several times a month or more frequently. Contact the Mid Cities Care Corps at or call 817-282-0531.

Help with Home Repairs
Seniors who know a thing or two about home repairs or yard work can volunteer for about 4 hours a day. Able-bodied seniors and others can contact the Mid Cities Care Corps at or call 817-282-0531.

Volunteer wherever needed
Hospitals, food pantries, churches, libraries, hospice providers, animal shelters, community event organizers (i.e. stuffing bags for walk/run events) and many other organizations are always grateful for volunteers. For many other volunteering suggestions, contact the Volunteer Center of North Texas or Volunteer Fort Worth.

When seniors enrich organizations with their help, they enrich the quality of their own lives. Homecare Assistance of Fort Worth can identify local volunteer opportunities that make seniors’ lives more fulfilling. We can provide transportation, contact information and other support to make volunteering a reality for your loved one, even if they prefer an in home care setting while volunteering.


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