There’s Still Plenty of Work Out There for Seniors

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Retirement isn’t for everyone. Whether by choice or out of necessity, millions of seniors remain employed well into their golden years. The assets they bring to the table—such as solid experience, wisdom and a serious work ethic—are valued by employers. And yes, there are numerous full and part-time jobs out there that pay a decent wage. Currently, a third of all seniors 65-69 are still in the workforce. According to AARP, 80% of baby boomers will work beyond the retirement age of 65.

Many people who still work love their current jobs or own a business, so they stay on. Some may ask their employer for a little less work or decreased hours; others are just happy to be employed. Others find that this is perhaps the perfect time to explore a different career. This can instill a renewed sense of passion for working, as well as personal enjoyment.   And there are those who continue to work—or re-enter the workforce—because they need the additional income in order to afford increased living and medical costs.

No one is ever too old to be employable. Showing enthusiasm for the work and making the most of previous experience will help seniors stand out. However, getting another job may require taking classes and getting a certification in a given area. Reading up on the industry you are in (or want to enter) is also advised to keep current.

There are many types of jobs in private, governmental and public sectors that employ seniors. Here are some examples of part-time or full-time positions available:

Accounting services – bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation

Retail merchandising – cashier, retail management, greeter, stock room associate, specialty jobs (florist, pharmacist, car dealerships, etc.)

Insurance services – brokers, agents

Non-profits – food pantries, churches, fundraising

Public service – bus drivers, teacher aides

Tourism – tour guides for historical places or local attractions

Freelance – writers, artists, photographers

Consulting – independent consultants in such fields as law, finance, sales, real estate

Caregivers – light housekeeping, healthcare aides

A number of good resources exist to help seniors looking for employment. Most are free.

This division of has many job postings looking for experienced workers in many areas of the country


The AARP publishes an annual list of the best employers for workers over 50 including New York Life and LaQuinta. It takes into consideration opportunities for training, workplace accommodations, options for such things as flexible job scheduling and job sharing, career development and retiree benefits.

Career One Stop

This site provides information on salary, benefits, training and education. Visitors can do job searches, find resume and interview tips and job sources for mature workers.

Senior Job Bank

This free resource for those over age 50 includes listings from employers across the country who are looking to hire seniors

Senior Community Service Employment Program

The nation’s oldest program for seniors who want to re-enter the job market is especially designed for low-income senior citizens. Seniors over age 60 who qualify work 20 hours a week in community service positions and are paid minimum wage or higher.

Senior Environmental Employee Program (SEE)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers opportunities for retired and unemployed persons age 55 and over via this website. Jobs include clerical, technical (i.e. researcher) and professional (engineer, accountant, scientist).

As the baby boomer population grows, employers are understanding the benefits of hiring older workers. Other resources for finding employment can be found at local senior centers, chambers of commerce and in the newspaper.


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