How Dementia Caregivers Can Ease Their Frustration

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Tips to Minimize Frustration in Dementia Caregivers in Forth Worth, TX

Dementia home caregivers in Fort Worth, TX, often find themselves on a merry-go-round of emotions. On one hand, they are extremely thankful for the precious days that they get to spend with their loved one while on the other they may find that caring for the senior is very frustrating. Before the frustration takes over, it is important that caregivers take some time to care for themselves.

Make Time for Yourself

Dementia family caregivers often feel frustrated even when they have to take a few minutes for themselves. This frustration often boils over into feelings that they ought to deny themselves these breaks in favor of catering to their loved one’s needs. This is an unhealthy way of thinking. Instead, take a few minutes each day to do something that you really enjoy doing. If you have trouble finding time for a break, consider hiring Forth Worth respite home care for your loved one.

Monitor Your Health

Many caregivers put off even the most necessary tasks when caring for a person with dementia. Caregivers must take care of their own medical needs, eat a well-balanced diet and make sure that they get enough sleep to ward off stress and frustration. If you fail to do these basic things, then it may be time for others to step in. Reach out to friends, family or local home care agencies to help look after your loved one while you rest and maintain your physical wellbeing.

Seek Support

If you are a dementia caregiver then make sure that you also seek emotional support during this difficult period in your life. Seek support from online organizations as many have active forums where you can discuss your feelings with other caregivers from the comfort and convenience of home. Seek help from your spiritual counselors as most have people in their congregations look for opportunities to be of service. Talk to professionals that are trained to help. Never stop asking until someone steps in to help.

For help taking care of a loved one with dementia, contact Fort Worth Home Care Assistance at (817) 349-7599. We provide compassionate live-in and respite home care for seniors with cognitive disorders so that family caregivers can take some necessary time to rest and recharge. Call today to speak with an experienced Care Manager about our comprehensive Alzheimer’s and dementia services.


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