Top Ten Tips for In-Home Caregivers

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This season at Home Care Assistance we asked our caregivers to come up with the best tips for in home caregivers, advice that they take to heart and make sure to use every day. We are excited to announce our winner, Perlie Rawls and share her gems. Perlie provided the following we are calling.

Pearls of Wisdom….
1. Good communication skills are key.
2. Have a great attitude. You’ll win your client over and make it easier for them to accept you.
3. Be compassionate. Your client might feel scared or confused.
4. Act with understanding.
5. Be Professional. Have a sense of what others are expecting of you.
6. Be a good Listener. Your client’s best days are behind them…go there with them.
7. Allow your client to do as much for themselves as possible, praising them and encouraging them along the way.
8. Know the difference between being busy and being productive. We do general cleaning, but our main focus is attending to the needs of our clients and getting things done for them.
9. Never speak against your employer or co-workers. The clientele want to be assured that they chose the best in-home care service to entrust with their golden years.
10. Take care of yourself. Caregiver burn-out affects your ability to provide care.

Perlie has been a caregiver for over 15 years. She is an excellent caregiver who goes above and beyond to be observant of her client’s needs.

Thank you, Perlie, for your thoughtful consideration and for sharing your pearls of wisdom with us. We are grateful for the love and compassion you show our clients. At Home Care Assistance Fort Worth, we make sure to provide the service and attention we would want for our own families. It is our pleasure to work with you Perlie!


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