Transportation Alternatives for Seniors in Fort Worth, TX

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Aging is an unstoppable process that has both its ups and downs. One of the challenges that we will face as we age is how we get around – doing our grocery shopping, running errands, and even grabbing the mail can become more difficult the older we get.

But that doesn’t mean we should have to stress about these things as senior citizens!

Instead, we simply need to be aware of transportation alternatives for our seniors in senior care.

Below, let’s take a look at why some seniors may need to consider different transportation options than they may have been accustomed to.

Deteriorating Eyesight – If your senior as impaired vision, or even vision loss, as a result of an illness or injury, we recommend they do not attempt to transport themselves anywhere, as their driving ability is likely greatly impeded.

Chronic Illnesses – Seniors suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, and heart disease can have debilitating effects on their driving.

Decreased Mobility – Whether due to injury, illness, or plain old age, seniors can often experience a decrease in mobility as they age which can be cause for them not to transport themselves.

Short Distances

Many seniors who have lost their driving ability also do not feel comfortable trying to navigate or rely on public transportation to cover short distance trips. So instead, we recommend that a family member or a caregiver help them to get around! This might mean transporting them on quick trips to a doctor’s appointment or to pick up a medication.

If you have a senior who is immobile or prefers to remain at home rather than going out, a great option is to handle completing the task at hand as long as it doesn’t require your senior’s physical presence.

Long Distances

If you don’t have a caregiver or a family member who is willing or able to help your senior travel longer distances, don’t panic! It’s more of a challenge, but it is still possible.

In this situation, we recommend locating and joining a transportation network that is geared towards helping seniors travel long distance. Transportation networks are usually developed to cater to a certain region or city and will help you senior acquire the necessary transportation accommodations to go the distance.

If you are exploring your senior care options for your loved one, start with Home Care Assistance! We would love to schedule your consultation and develop a customized care plan that’s right for the whole family.


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