Trust your Animal Instincts and Visit the Fort Worth Zoo.

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Chances are, the seniors in your life would enjoy going a little wild this spring, as in seeing some of the 5,000+ animals that call The Fort Worth Zoo home. Ranked among the top 10 zoos in the United States, The Fort Worth Zoo is also the oldest zoo in Texas. Founded in 1909 with one lion, a coyote, an alligator, two bear cubs, a peacock and several rabbits, it now houses myriad species from penguins to cheetahs.

Twelve permanent exhibit areas span many continents and habitats:

The Great Barrier Reef and The Australian Outback provide a down-under adventure in the land of red kangaroos, blacktip reef sharks (found in the Coral Sea) and other animals.

Asian Falls takes guests on a journey past elephants, white tigers and one-horned rhinos, with a gentle waterfall as a backdrop.

Raptor Canyon is all about seven species of the large birds, including the Steller’s sea eagle, one of the world’s rarest birds.

The African Savannah beckons with giraffes, whooper cranes, hippos and other creatures that dwell on the flat terrain that resembles the expanse of an actual savannah.

Texas Wild! captures the essence of the many landscapes of Texas (Hill Country, High Plains, Gulf Coast, Piney Woods and West Texas Desert to name a few) and the animals that call the Lone Star State their home. These include white-tailed deer, pelicans, prairie dogs and mountain lions.

Other permanent exhibits include Cheetahs, Parrot Paradise, World of Primates, Meerkat Mounds, Flamingo Bay, the Museum of Living Art (reptiles and amphibians) and everyone’s favorite: Penguins.

New at the zoo are babies of all kinds that steal the scene. From the biggest little hippos to tiny birds that have just hatched, this is nature at its most adorable.

Just in time for spring and summer, don’t miss Gigantabugs, larger-than-life animatronic (they won’t bite) creepy crawlers such as a huge European stag beetle and Madagascan sunset moth.

Take a break from roaming the wilds and try the Crocodile Café food court which features the Jungle Grill (casual fast food), The Ice Cream Shop and Burger King. Watch underwater creatures while you feast. There’s also a Dickey’s BBQ on the premises, as well as a fun gift shop.

Grandkids will love racing their friends to the top of the 25-foot Tasmanian Tower, a rock-climbing wall. There’s the Yellow Rose Express train that travels around the zoo, A Country Carousel, Swinging Swamp Bridge and Petting Corral.

Admission to the zoo is $9 for seniors and is half-price on Wednesdays. Complimentary wheelchairs are available and motorized scooters can be rented for $25 for three hours.

Young and old visitors will have a memorable day at The Fort Worth Zoo. Most seniors love animals, and spending time among some of the most exotic creatures on the planet is a welcome escape.

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